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Negev Desert Jeep Tours – Ramon Crater and Mitzpe Ramon District

Jeep tours in Mitzpe Ramon and its surroundings are among the most popular tourist attractions. Why? Because the guides are excellent, the view is fantastic, the trails are fun, and it's an experience you'll remember for years to come. There are scenic and content tours, two-hour tours, and full-day tours. In this guide, we have collected all the information about the jeep tours in the high desert so that you don't have to look any further - choose the route, the guide, and set off.
The Mitzpe Ramon Experience editorial stuff

The Mitzpe Ramon Experience editorial stuff

Jeep tour in Mitzpe Ramon – A great desert experience

A jeep tour is being together and exploring an uncharted land. To move along the paths, feel the rocks, and enjoy the connection to nature and the terrain.

A jeep tour in Mitzpe Ramon is to see the landscape pass by, and suddenly two ibex run on the side of the road; and if you are lucky, you will also see a herd of deer jumping by your side as the desert landscape completes the scenery.

A jeep tour in Ramon Crater means plowing the dirt roads in the wadis, climbing to uplifting views, absorbing the sights, being happy and singing, and feeling life at its best.

A jeep tour in the desert means stopping by a vast acacia tree, having a cup of sweet and steaming tea, lying on the mat, and observing. Maybe a rockfish or a gray tail bird will visit you. Perhaps they have a message for you to take back home.

a family under a tree in the desert

A bit of Jeep history

The Jeep brand was born in 1941. The American army then presented a tender among 135 manufacturers of a light military vehicle that could transport troops and equipment in challenging terrain conditions. They tested three prototypes for an off-road vehicle and chose a model manufactured by the Bantam company.

The need was so great that the Willys and Ford companies joined the production process. From 1941 until the end of World War II, American factories produced more than 600,000 jeeps.

The Jeep became the primary off-road vehicle of many armies worldwide until the Hummer replaced it. In the IDF, it was replaced by the M-240 storm vehicle, which belongs to the Daimler-Chrysler company and is manufactured in Israel at Nazareth Illit Automotive Industries.

The name Jeep became a brand name for all SUVs.

an old jeep

Folklore – Hey ha’Jeep

The years pass, and slowly the old songs are forgotten. We are here to remind you of Haim Hefer and Shmuel Pershko’s poem: Hey ha’Jeep.


The song tells about the travel experience of a guy and a girl. They enjoy traveling together and chatting. She takes the wheel. He gets excited about the speed, and they have a flat tire.


The chorus goes like this:

Hey, The Jeep, hey the Jeep
What a night all around!
Please listen, Itzik!
What’s up, Rina?
take a little left,
Take a right!
Everyone will say,
The main thing in a jeep is speed!
Fast we pass as wind –
Brax! Stop! Stop!

And here is the performance of the Cheesetron:

Ideas for jeep trips in the desert

Due to the excellent offense of the jeeps, there is a wide variety of places to travel. Mitzpe Ramon is in the heart of the high desert, and from there, you can go on jeep tours in different areas of different experiences. Here are the options:


Jeep trips to Ramon Crater

Ramon Crater is mostly a nature reserve, and it is impossible to travel outside the marked paths by car. Fortunately, there is a particular area for off-road lovers at the crater’s heart.


In this area, you can experience the stunning views of the Ramon Crater from the maddening peak of Gvanim Mountain to an adventurous off-road drive through the crater’s wadis. You will get an explanation about the crater’s formation; you will paint your face with colored minerals; you will get inspired by the power of the desert and stories about what is happening in the area that is never boring.

a woman walking towards a jeep in the desert wadi
a girl with mineral paint on her face, smiling

Jeep tours combined with walking in Makhtes Ramon

Some like to travel; some like to walk. But some like both. So we want to tell you that it is possible to make a combined jeep trip in Makhtes Ramon.


An excellent example is the following option: a jeep trip in the Ramon crater, overnight at the Be’erot parking lot at the foot of the impressive Mount Ardon, and a half-day hiking trip to the Nakrot Horseshoe.


Combinations like this are easy to plan. Make sure to ask your tour guide about them.

jeeps ride in the desert and a mountain far away
a path in the desert

Culinary jeep tours to the vineyards and orchards of the Negev Mountains

The Negev district has developed a lot in the last decade in the field of agriculture and culinary. Settlers established individual pioneer farms in the open areas near Mitzpe Ramon and Sde Boker. Those settlers planted olive and grape vineyards, plum orchards, and even sabers you can find in the high desert.

Along with agriculture, you can plan a jeep tour that explores olive oil and wine manufacturers at visitor centers, local restaurants, and the people who make miracles in the desert.

hand reaching for grapes
people tasting olive oil in a visitors center

Jeep tours to the blossoms in the Lotz pits and Nitsana 

The Lotz pits area is known for its carpets of desert blossoms in February and March. Then the desert ground brings up beautiful flowers that vibrate the heart.


We recommend combining walking and riding trips in Lotz pits. You can cross to the southern side of the road to Mount Ramon and Nahal Eliav.


Another wonderful area for jeep tours is the Nitsana area, which has a vast agricultural and artistic scene.

desert mountains
flowers bloom in the desert

Jeep tours to Sde Boker area

Midreshet Ben Gurion, next to Kibbutz Sde Boker, is located above the Zin valley. The settlement area, the expansive vineyards, and the ancient city of Avdat are lovely destinations for jeep tours. 


One of the recommended places for a jeep trip in this area is the cool fountain that falls into the pool from a great height – Ein Akev. After parking the Jeep in a designated parking lot, getting to the pool is a short walk.


In a way, you can continue walking for several hours or go by Jeep and reach down the serpentines of the Ben Gurion Midrasha, where there is always water in the winter.


Don’t miss the Nabatean city of Avdat and the fascinating guidance of the Nature and Parks Authority guides, with stories and folklore about the Nabatean people who created fascinating agriculture in the desert 200 years ago.

ancient city in the desert
water in the desert

How much does it cost?

The price of a jeep tour can vary. There are differences in the types of vehicles, the nature of the training, the challenge of the route, and other elements, which affect the price, so the prices in front of you are a general direction reading so that you understand more or less how much it will cost you.

  • Jeep trip of two to two and a half hours – 900 to 1500 NIS.
  • Jeep trip of about four hours – 1200 to 1600 NIS.
  • Full-day jeep trip – 1600 to 2500 NIS.
  • A combined jeep and walking trip for up to half a day – between 800 and 1500 NIS.
  • A combined jeep and walking trip for a whole day – between 1200 and 2200 NIS.

What should you take with you on a desert jeep tour?

Here’s a short list of equipment that will make the desert jeep tour perfect:

  1. Sunscreen.
  2. Water
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Hat
  5. Coffee set
  6. Snacks/pastries/fruits and cutlery
  7. Camera
  8. Cards / Flying Saucer / Ball game
  9. Garbage bag
  10. Warm clothes if the trip ends in the evening
a coffee pot in the desert

How to choose the jeep tour guide

  • The simplest and most effective way is to talk to the jeep tour guide on the phone. You can learn many things through sound.
  • Come prepared – tell us what interests you from the list we presented here. Find out if the jeep tour guide is knowledgeable in this area, and ask him to tell you about the various options so that it fits your expectations.
  • Check for reviews on the jeep tour guide. The more recommendations there are, the more likely it is to make a safe choice. You can find reviews on this website, the guides’ websites, Google Maps, and Trip Advisor.
  • Ask about the type of Jeep and check that it suits you. There are more luxurious jeeps and those that are more basic. If air conditioning, for example, is essential to you, find out in advance.
  • Adapt the trip to the nature of the group in terms of traveling time, level of difficulty, walking time if there is walking, number of breaks, etc.
  • If you need a long break during the route, emphasize this to the guide and plan the schedule together.
  • If there is a chance that some group members would prefer a short trip, we recommend splitting it into two jeeps. The same goes for the possibility that some group members would like to go on a hike while others would prefer to drive.

Recommended Jeep tour guides in Mitzpe Ramon, Makhtesh Ramon, and Sde Boker

They are professionals, have experience, and love nature and people. We are proud to introduce the desert jeep tour guides of Mitzpe Ramon and its surroundings.

Choose your desert jeep tour guide for an unforgettable experience: