Mitzpe Ramon

An Awesome Desert Town

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Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon is a small town located in the Israeli Negev desert, on the edge of the Ramon Crater. 

Mitzpe Ramon is a popular destination for tourists because of these facts:

  • Ramon Crater is a beautiful, breathtaking location where one can stand and enjoy the wonders of creation.
  • Ibex herds are living next to Mitzpe Ramon and enter the streets regularly. Not every day can you meet wildlife near the local grocery.
  • The weather here is bright, and the air is excellent all over the year. Summer evenings are chili, so even though Mitzpe Ramon is a desert town, you’ll enjoy a cool temperature even in July.
  • Mitzpe Ramon has various traveling options to offer both for experienced hikers and families.
  • The Ramon Crater is one of the few dark sky reserves in the world. Here you can see a handful of stars and wonder about the universe.
  • Mitzpe Ramon has a music and art scene. We are proud to host four schools: circus, music, theater, and dance school. 
  • Mitzpe Ramon is a microcosmos of Israel. If you understand Mitzpe Ramon, you probably understand a lot about Israel. All you have to do is sit at the local bar or walk in the boardwalk and talk to nice people.
ibex in the desert at sunset